Hamovil Hakhadash Group


Hamovil Hakhadash Group was established in 1990, located at the main entrance

to the village of Dir El-Asad.

The company specializes in providing transportation and crane services for the

transportation of large and heavy loads, offering its services to large companies

and individuals in this area.


The company owns a fleet of trucks with cranes up to 65 meters in height,

providing transportation services and cranes all over the country –

from Metula in the North to Eilat in the South.

The Hamovil Hakhadash Group specializes in transporting overloads and

special transportation of mobile structures by professional drivers while

providing cordial service.


The company owns modern vehicles and state of the art and elaborate equipment

for special lifting,such as baskets for human lifting, cranes, joints and equipment

for erecting high installations.

In addition, the Hamovil Hakhadash Group markets construction materials,

such as Ytong blocks, paints and all types of construction materials.

The company invests many resources in offering cordial and professional

services in this area.




 Movil Hachadash Ltd.

Our address: Main entrance Dir-El-Asad

Tel: 04-9988029 ן Office: 04-9911911 ן Mobile: 050-5205405 ן Fax: 9988079 ן E-mail: hamovil@017.net.il